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Shipping container buildings have gained incredible popularity recently, and now here is another one to add to the list - the 2+ Weekend House by “Maganus Enterprises”. This mini housing unit is constructed from two stacked 20’ x 8’ x 8’ marine containers, and can be shaped according to its owner’s particular needs.

Shipping containers have become a popular choice for prefab construction due to their structural stability and ability to provide a quick frame for a building– not to mention the excess supply of them in shipping yards around the country. The designers using them are taking a wasted resource and up cycling them to give them a useful life as a home–which is also hopefully affordable. Putting it bluntly, the whole point of using shipping containers was to use up something that would end up wasted otherwise, not necessarily because everyone loved the look.


Our Accommodation units are spacious and uniquely designed with elegant interiors to make one feel cozy and enjoy blissful bedroom comforts. Accessories such as Single/Double Bunk/Folding type Beds with Mattress, covers, pillows, blankets etc. Cupboards, Lockers, Dressing Tables, Writing Table can be installed. The accessories can be provided & suited to the climatic conditions of the surrounding environment.

Concrete structures have given way to Portable Cabins & its today's need of the hour. In today's modern world everyone wants to work in a clean & green environment but only few actually come forward & try & to make a difference. Here's how we have put in sustained efforts for several years & have made people realize the importance of Portable Office & ways to preserve nature.


Cabin Size:-  Prefabricated Porta cabins of 20’x 8’x 8’ and 40’ x 8’ x 8’6”

Prefabricated Porta cabins duly painted with two coats of antirust primer and followed by two coats of enamel paint satin finish, color of your choice and Tar-felt on roof top.

Vinyl carpet fixed on wooden flooring of container, Carpet design of your choice.

No Dents & Scratches, Wall coated with two coats of red oxide from all sides
Synthetic Enamel paint Satin finish.  Color Shade of your choice.

Powder Coated Aluminum windows with 4mm glass. Safety Grills with external Monsoon Shades.

Doors :-
Specially corrugated Door with standard hardware. Door Closure, Handle, S.S. Latches with Lock and Bulk-head lamp.

· Frame work of 50mm x 25mm angels / pipes
· Interior Panel Frame of M.S. angels / Pipes
· Insulated with Glass wool sheets of 50mm.
· 12mm Laminated Ply board Paneling.
· Color Shade & Design as per availability.

Electrical :-
· All Electrical wiring with Ploy cab brand wires.
· Roma Type Switch Socket Set 5 / 15 Amps.
· Main Board.
· Number of Tube Lights of your choice.
· Wall mounted Fans.
· 15 Amps AC Socket Set.
· Main Input Line Socket.

Specifications of containers….


 Inside Length      Inside Width    Inside Height     Door Width      Door Height    Capacity    Tare Weight
      19' 4"                  7' 8"             7' 10"               7' 8"                7'  6"         1,172cft         4,916lbs
    5.900m               2.350m          2.393m            2.342m            2.280m       33.2cu.m       2,230kgs


 Inside Length      Inside Width    Inside Height     Door Width     Door Height     Capacity    Tare Weight
      39' 5"                  7' 8"              7' 10"               7' 8"                 7' 6"         2,390CFT     8,160LBS
    2.036m               2.350m          2.392m            2.340m             2.280m       67.7cu.m      3,700kgs


The Porta Cabins offered shall be designed & developed in Std. Marine container having highest structural stability, weather-proof, leak-proof, & faultless operation under extreme climatic conditions.

The Porta cabins are designed to meet the requirements at remote  isolated sites and are for use such as Living Modules and Office Units, Recreation Rooms, Kitchen Unit, Mess Units, Toilets, Shower Units etc.

The Transportation of such Porta Cabins is done by means of normal trucks, trailers, having payload of 12 tones or on self-loading vehicles with necessary winch arrangement. The economic life of Bunk Houses is estimated to be more than 20 years. Statutory & Safety requirements are followed in manufacturing supplying the Bunk houses.

The containerized Cabin Houses shall be of all welded steel construction using the latest method of MIG(CO2) Argon Shield Gas. The tolerance for material shall be as per respective IS specification where not specified.

The main shell of the bunkhouse is an Marine container whish is very heavy duty, strong and robust. The main bottom (Base) frame is a part of an IS container. Beam Skids are a part of an ISO Container.

19mm marine ply is used on the base of a standard Marine Container. The inside layer of the floor is covered with PVC Vinyl / Tile Flooring with 50 mm of concreting and in all bathrooms checker tiles with a concrete layer floor of 50mm shall be provided.
Standard Marine Container which is very heavy duty, strong, robust having very high payload and tare weight.

Standard Marine Container made in such a manner that it can take four containers full load / material and can be placed one above the other.
All door & windows & Air-conditioner openings shall be provided with weather shield of suitable size.

All voids within the external wall and inner walls are filled with 50 mm thick resin bonded mineral glass wool of 2 LBS / CFT density confirming to IS 8183.
9 to 12 mm Decorative Laminated sheet shall screwed on the side wall on the internal. All vertical & horizontal comers shall be neatly finished with powder coated aluminum angles & biddings and the vertical joints of the panels shall be fixed with decorative aluminum bidding patties/Aluminum patties. The internal paneling of the roof shall be of 12 mm ply with aluminum anodized bidding patties. The ceiling of the roof shall be suspended from inside in Marine Container.

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